The Hungry Tuk Tuk

Do you eat your way through life? Us too! Tuk Tuk Safari loves food and Vientiane is a foodie’s paradise just waiting to be devoured. This gourmet safari visits local restaurants, hole-in-the-wall eateries, markets, factories and outdoor kitchens – so you can sample a smorgasbord of authentic and modern Lao food.

We’ll start the tour by watching the making of and then tasting kao larm, the delicious traditional dessert of sticky rice and coconut roasted in bamboo tubes. Visit a local fresh food market to check out the amazing diversity of Lao food, then stop by a Lao coffee shop to try some of the local brew.

For lunch we visit the most popular kao piak shop in town. Kao piak is a traditional Lao breakfast or lunch soup made with a fragrant broth and thick handmade rice flour noodles. Watch the preparation for the lunchtime rush and learn how this delicious soup is made. Then sit down and enjoy your lunch with the locals! Stop at a tham mak houng (green papaya salad) stall where you’ll learn how to make papaya salad just the way you like it.

After lunch, visit the Xaoban Homemade Yoghurt factory, where you’ll sample a range of their wares and see how Xaoban products are made with fresh organic ingredients, and get an idea of the challenges for food production in Laos. Finish off with a BeerLao and some deep fried bugs at a popular beer bar on the Mekong.


This tour includes tasting a variety of foods generally including meat and fish. We will try our best to accommodate vegetarians however we cannot guarantee that vegetarian options will be available for all activities.

You’ll need to bring sunscreen and a hat. Please wear comfortable clothes suitable for travelling in a tuk tuk.

Tour runs from 8.30am to approx 3pm. Pick up and drop off at your accommodation. Please be ready at the front of your hotel at 8.30am sharp for pick up.

The tour can be run any day from Monday to Saturday depending on availability. Tour does not run on Sundays. A minimum of one full days notice (24 hours) is required to set up this tour, due to the nature of the activities involved. Please provide as much notice as possible for your trip. This tour may be cancelled or altered up to one full day (24 hours) before departure time. Full payment will be required for any cancellation less than 24 hours before this time.


$70 USD (560,000 kip) per person

$40 USD (320,000 kip) per person for children 12 years and under

A minimum of two participants are required for the tour to run. Maximum 12 participants per tour. Larger groups can be accommodated upon early request.

The price includes all transport by tuk tuk, all activities, water, English speaking guide, snacks and lunch. It does not include any additional drinks or food purchased and no unplanned stops are possible.