The Silk Road Safari

A day that showcases Laos traditional hand-made arts and crafts, fit for the most discerning of shoppers and artisans!

Lao handicrafts are renowned for their beauty and there are so many different ethnic designs and traditions to explore. Come with us on a journey through the artisanal traditions of Laos – from the loom to the kiln to the boutique.

First we stop off for a peek at a shop that specialises in traditional indigo textile products, which also happens to be a co-operative for Lao weavers and artists. Stop for a coffee in town if the mood takes you. Then we visit the Lao Textile Museum where you can admire a range of different traditional, antique textiles created by different Lao ethnic groups. Learn more about these pieces and their uses, and try your hand on a traditional Lao loom.

We’ll then visit one of Vientiane’s premier weaving houses to see modern day weaving and textile production first hand. We’ll also visit the showroom to see the incredibly beautiful finished products. Then a break for lunch at a very popular French cafe that only the locals know about, where you can relax before a hands-on afternoon of exploring traditional handicrafts.

After lunch, visit to a Lao traditional pottery workshop which has been producing traditional pottery ware for more that 30 years. This workshop produces much of the everyday pottery used by locals in Vientiane, including mortars and water storage jars. Learn about the process of making pottery ware from clay to finished product, and have a try at the pottery wheel.

At the end of the tour we can either drop you at the Morning Market where you will find some of the best handicraft shopping in town. Or we can drop you back to your accommodation. Either way, we’ll give you our special insiders’ map of Vientiane highlighting the best handicraft and textile shops in town so you can keep shopping to your heart’s content!


You’ll need to bring sunscreen and a hat. Please wear comfortable clothes suitable for travelling in a tuk tuk.

Tour runs from 8.30am to approx 3pm. Pick up and drop off at your accommodation. Please be ready at the front of your hotel at 8.30am sharp for pick up.

The tour can be run any day from Monday to Saturday depending on availability. Tour does not run on Sundays. A minimum of one full days notice (24 hours) is required to set up this tour, due to the nature of the activities involved. Please provide as much notice as possible for your trip. This tour may be cancelled or altered up to one full day (24 hours) before departure time. Full payment will be required for any cancellation less than 24 hours before this time.


$70 USD (560,000 kip) per person

$40 USD (320,000 kip) per person for children 12 years and under

A minimum of two participants are required for the tour to run. Maximum 12 participants per tour. Larger groups can be accommodated upon early request.

The price includes all transport by tuk tuk, all activities, water, English speaking guide, and lunch. It does not include any additional drinks or food purchased and no unplanned stops are possible.