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Get off the beaten track and experience Vientiane like a local.  Hop aboard our tuk tuk for a unique and memorable day of adventures in and around Vientiane! Whether you like food, fashion, or farming, Tuk Tuk Safari has a tailored tour that’s perfect for you!


Down On The Rice Farm

Do you gaze out at those beautiful green rice paddies in Asia and want to jump into the fields and have a go? We’ll take you to an organic farm on the outskirts of Vientiane where you can …

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Live Lao For One Day

Bored of the usual tourist traps? Let Tuk Tuk Safari take you off the beaten path to a few places that only locals know to experience things that the other travellers might miss.

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The Hungry Tuk Tuk

Do you eat your way through life? Us too! Tuk Tuk Safari loves good food, and Vientiane is a foodie’s paradise just waiting to be munched, slurped and devoured.

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Dinner With The Locals

Let Tuk Tuk Safari take you out for dinner. Join us for a meal at a bustling evening food market where hordes of hungry locals pick up their takeaway dinners!

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The Silk Road Safari

Lao handicrafts are renowned for their beauty and there are so many different ethnic designs and traditions to explore. Come with us on a journey through the artisanal traditions of Laos – from the loom to the kiln to the boutique.

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