Kate Fisher

“Travelling in Laos with two young children isn’t always easy. We found Tuk Tuk Safari a fun and interesting way to access the local culture and have a great day out as a family. Our guide was really friendly, knowledgeable and laughed a lot! We spent a wonderful afternoon making wax and banana leaf offerings for the spectacular Wat Si Muang. Tuk Tuk Safari is perfect for families who want to experience more of SE Asia than banana pancakes.”

Kate Fisher, Australia

Clara Hilsen
“I loved going on the Tuk Tuk Safari cooking class. The setting was perfect in the outdoor garden kitchen of a beautiful Lao family home. It gave me so much appreciation for traditional Lao food. The class was very hands on and no corners were cut, we did it all ourselves, right down to toasting sesame seeds for the Jeow (traditional Lao style dip). The best part was of course enjoying the feast we cooked up afterwards.”

Clara Hilsen, Australia

Lenny Bronfentrinker

 “Having just arrived in Laos for a 12 month stint, I was grateful to have had the opportunity to go on a Tuk Tuk Safari tour of an organic farm and a large, Vientiane-based silversmith. Both tours were interesting, informative and hands on (the free bag of organic rice went down nicely as well). The tours are tailored to smaller groups which is great if you’d like to meet some people and ask questions. I would recommend a Tuk Tuk Safari tour to anyone wanting a more personal experience and for checking out what this great country has to offer.”

Lenny Bronfentrinker, Australia

Camilla Freestone

“Ere from Tuk Tuk Safari took us to an eco-farm on the outskirts of Vientiane. At the farm we were introduced to traditional farm life, and were given the opportunity to thresh rice, go fishing, collect ducks eggs and explore the veggie patch. We were then treated to a super tasty lunch using all the types of foods we’d seen on the farm. After lunch we were taken to wet market where I tasted what was possibly the spiciest thing I’ve ever eaten in my life. Cucumber salad loaded with chilli and padek! The whole experience was a fantastic introduction to Vientiane, as well as to traditional Lao lifestyle and culture.”

Camilla Freestone, Australia